About the Journal

Journal of Reproducible Research (JRR) with e-ISSN: 2948-5282, is a quarterly journal for original research, systematic reviews, meta data analysis papers that can be reproducible indefinitely for a wise cause. It is published by Vally Links Sdn. Bhd. as an initiative from World Research Union.

We publish original research papers, meta-analysis works, scholarly literatures and systematic reviews that are reproducible. Reproducible research means that your work is published with datasets or algorithm codes so that others can verify the findings and build a new perspective or a concept. The original research manuscripts published in JRR are expected to bring new insights with new perspectives so that existing datasets are used widely before it gets obsolete.

Scope of Journal

JRR is classified as premium diversified sciences journal. We intend to publish manuscripts pertaining to relevant fields of social sciences, STEM, arts which provides contribution to uplift or enhancing the current trends. The submitted manuscripts has to include new and innovative experimental methods, primary researches, new interpretation of existing results or data related to clinical problems, or epidemiological work of substantial scientific significance. The motive is to build practical concepts rather performing basic or fundamental researches.

Though JRR accepts all kinds of research works, but any incomplete studies or secondary researches are discouraged. All submitted papers are reviewed by our panel members (double-blind peer review process) before arriving to a decision. Authors are required to follow the format and typeset of JRR for the manuscript to be accepted for review.


Current Issue

Vol. 2 No. 2 (2024): Diversified Researches
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This volume focuses on diversified researches with reproducible data

Published: 2024-02-14


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