Analysis of Entrepreneurial Growth and Skill: Case Study on Global Innovation


  • Lim Hooi Kee Perdana University


Entrepreneur , Businesses, Innovate , Determinants


Nowadays, many people want to be a boss or an entrepreneur. This is because the Internet has allowed a lot of people to be more creative to create a new thing or innovate a new thing. The purpose of this special issue is to examine SMEs. Innovation and Entrepreneurship will show that while both of these. While these two concepts have their own specific literature and can be treated independently. Why I say like this, this is because there is a stream of literature so far that combines the concept of entrepreneurship with the ability to start a business, from business skills to business growth. The concept of entrepreneurship is combined with its ability to make new combinations of factors and corresponding process and product innovations. Similarly, in the extensive literature, the most important feature of entrepreneurship is its close association with small firms. Small firms and large firms have different advantages and disadvantages in terms of innovation, but small businesses provide the most conducive environment for innovation. Entrepreneurship and innovation are not necessarily sustained by the skills and resources that characterize large-scale production. It requires commitment and close cooperation among the members of the firm. In this introduction, we show how these two themes merge in two articles dealing with microenterprise analysis of growth cases and entrepreneurial innovation techniques. In general, the determinants of entrepreneurship and the determinants of the personal characteristics of entrepreneurs. The pandemic has slowed down the globe and at the same time they need to improve their countries to become advanced. At the same time, people have more ideas to innovate and don't want to be a worker. So now let me show you more answers.




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