The Importance of Entrepreneurial skills and growth aspects of Entrepreneurs


  • Thurga Kanapathy Perdana University


Entrepreneurship plays an essential role in economic activity. An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business on their own. A successful entrepreneur is constantly aware of new changes and innovations that they may implement. Being an entrepreneur means taking risks and facing problems. An organization is formed only through the efforts of an individual who is willing to take on the venture with them. However, what distinguishes an entrepreneur from a successful entrepreneur are his or her achievements in the sphere of his or her firm. Individuals must possess a specific trait called as entrepreneurship. The purpose of this case study is to uncover problems and opportunities for entrepreneurs. This case study method applies both primary and secondary data. The case study technique was chosen; their history is thoroughly explored, as are the aspects that define their secret of success and the obstacles they encounter. Purposive sampling procedures are utilized because the population is chosen for inclusion in the sample based on convenience of access. Case studies entail extensive investigation and analysis of persons. In this study, the Purposive Sampling approach was applied, and a structured questionnaire was used to gather data.




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