Pratt Software's Phonological Characteristics, Prosodic Features, and Importance


  • Annamalai Raju
  • Arrunkumarr K
  • Mangai Vally World Research Union



Pratt is computer software that helps phoneticians synthesize, edit, and analyse speech. Phoneticians, sociolinguists, as well as phonologists all utilize this software. With the aid of this software, one can perform spectral, pitch,  formant,  and intensity evaluations as well as detect jitters, shimmers, and voice breaks. It can change the form of files and enhance some of their existing qualities. A track's frequencies can be changed and it can be made stereo or mono with this Pratt software. With the help of this feature, one can produce high-quality illustrations for use in academic research articles. For speech analysts that favour in-depth research, it is a more effective instrument. The sound tracks are edited and can be changed to suit the preferences and needs. The Praat software's best feature, the scripting language, will help to automate the necessary tasks that it can carry out. The dialectal background determines whether learning a new language as well as its prosodic qualities is successful or unsuccessful. Intonations are influenced by pitch levels. Accent mispronunciation is solely caused by incorrect pitch patterns. The varying intentions are indicated by the variation in pitch levels. Linguistic and phonetic elements combine to form intonation. Tonal patterns serve a variety of linguistic purposes. The computerized learning utilizes phonetic acoustic hardware and software, concentrating on speech assessment patterns. The improvements in speech technology showed even better ways to reveal the prosodic intonation qualities. Software for computer-assisted language learning (CALL) allows for the visual representation of speech graphically the sound waveform and pitch contours. The visual displays and speech evaluations were presented by the software. The researcher's emphasis and area of interest were therefore the prosodic characteristics and intonation contours, which led to improved outcomes. It was found through research using the Praat software to evaluate intonation contour perception that conceptualizing pronunciation elements was extremely helpful. Speech is organized hierarchically by prosody, which is evoked by characteristics of suprasegmental acoustics. It has both phonetic and phonological  characteristics. Features like stress, duration tone and, intonation, are determined by suprasegmental acoustic qualities. Praat is practical software that enables the user to alter and achieve the required phonetic and sound engineering values and levels.





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