The Role of Blockchain Technology in Enhancing Cybersecurity: Emerging Trends and Future Perspective


  • Mustafa Abdulhadi Ben Hmaida Higter Institute for Sciences &Technology-Misrata


Blockchain Technology, Cybersecurity Enhancement, Digital Security Innovations, Decentralized Data Protection, Future Trends in Cybersecurity


This paper delves into the pivotal role of blockchain technology in enhancing cybersecurity, addressing its emerging trends and future perspectives. The main objective is to investigate how blockchain can be leveraged to fortify digital security in an era of escalating cyber threats. Employing a comprehensive literature review and qualitative analysis, the study analyzes academic research, case studies, and expert interviews to offer a multifaceted understanding of the subject. Key findings reveal that blockchain's decentralization, immutability, and transparency provide robust solutions to various cybersecurity challenges, including data breaches, fraud, and unauthorized access. The technology finds application across diverse sectors, enhancing the security of digital transactions and personal data. However, the study also identifies significant challenges in blockchain implementation, such as scalability, integration complexities, and ethical considerations surrounding data privacy. Future perspectives suggest an optimistic outlook for blockchain in cybersecurity, with advancements poised to overcome existing limitations and pave the way for innovative applications, particularly in conjunction with AI and IoT technologies. The long-term impact of blockchain is projected to be transformative, significantly altering cybersecurity practices by providing more resilient and trustworthy digital infrastructures. Conclusively, the paper underscores blockchain's potential as a game-changer in cybersecurity, while also acknowledging the hurdles and ethical implications that need addressing. It serves as a comprehensive resource for understanding the current state and future potential of blockchain in enhancing cybersecurity, offering valuable insights for researchers, industry professionals, and policymakers


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