Entrepreneurship and Innovation – A Review



COVID 19 has nudged entrepreneurs to review, adapt and make use of a variety of marketing channels, including online, mobile, and advertising. Furthermore, in order to promote growth, business owners must develop crucial skills, such as a dedication to providing customers with value, the capacity to select from a variety of marketing techniques, and the capacity to obtain additional venture capital. Additionally, it emphasizes the significance of enhancing HR policies and employee compensation, as well as the necessity of peer mentoring, access to networks, financial resources, and global markets. Literature review involving relevant studies and articles for entrepreneurs and examining the current state by focusing on key themes. Research methods include case studies and literature review. The focus of this paper is that growth-oriented entrepreneurs should focus on developing the following key entrepreneurial skills: a commitment to providing customers with value through innovative products and services; appropriate marketing strategies; learning how to access more venture capital; improving company HR practices and financial incentives for employees; staying motivated to grow the business; seeking peer mentoring; and having greater access to networks, finance, and international markets.




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