Sustainable leadership: integrating environmental responsibility into corporate governance


  • Albdulathim Ahmed Bright star university


Sustainable Leadership Corporate Governance Environmental Responsibility Organizational Sustainability Strategic Management


In an era increasingly conscious of environmental and social challenges, the significance of sustainable leadership and corporate governance has emerged as key factors driving the shift towards a more sustainable future. This research paper explores how sustainable leadership and corporate governance can integrate environmental responsibility within organizational frameworks, highlighting the role these concepts play in achieving sustainability. The primary objective of this research is to assess the impact of sustainable leadership and corporate governance on enhancing environmental responsibility. Through the analysis of a wide range of scholarly literature and current studies, we aim to understand how these elements can effectively contribute to the global agenda for sustainable development. The paper employs an analytical methodology to review and evaluate prior research in this field. It relies on diverse studies such as those conducted by Aguilera et al. (2021), Crifo et al. (2019), among others, to provide in-depth insights into the key issues related to sustainable leadership and corporate governance. This paper gains its importance from addressing vital issues in our current era, where sustainability and environmental responsibility are essential components of any successful organizational strategy. With increasing environmental and social pressures, understanding how governance and leadership impact these aspects becomes crucial. The paper aims to offer valuable theoretical and practical contributions, benefiting researchers, organizational leaders, and policymakers in their quest to balance organizational goals with environmental and social responsibilities


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