Reviewing Impacts of Academic Pressure on Mental Health Through Automatic Online Assessment



Mental Health, Academic Pressure, Online assessment, Stress management, Digital intervention


Emotional, psychological, and social well-being are all components of mental health, which affects how people feel, think, and behave. It impacts how people manage stress, interact with others, and make decisions in life, making it crucial for general health. The strain of academics can harm mental health, causing stress, anxiety, and burnout in students. This can frequently lead to insufficient sleep and an unbalanced lifestyle. This study looks at how daily activities are impacted by mental health and the effects of academic pressure on mental health. It investigates how academic pressures like the pressure to maintain high grades and the fear of failing affect mental well-being. The study looks at coping strategies for stress management, such as looking for social support and taking part in mental health development activities. It emphasizes the significance of offering efficient support services to address the worries and differences in students' confidence in their capacity to cope. It also emphasizes how crucial it is to incorporate digital interventions into conventional mental health treatment frameworks to meet the varied needs of individuals better. The study offers insightful information that helps educators, legislators, and mental health specialists create successful student assistance plans.



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K. M. Tahsin Kabir, Kabir, M. S., Mian Mohammad Rassel, Tasnim Sultana Sintheia, Kazi Tanvir, Mohamed Kaisarul Haq, Farzana Nazera, & Valliappan Raju. (2024). Reviewing Impacts of Academic Pressure on Mental Health Through Automatic Online Assessment. Journal of Reproducible Research, 2(2), 135–143. Retrieved from