Streamlining Dhaka's Daily Journey: The E-Ticketing Revolution


  • Md. Sayem Kabir American International University-Bangladesh
  • Saif Mostasir Rohan American International University-Bangladesh
  • MD.Mahadi Hasan Nayeem American International University-Bangladesh
  • Mahmud Al Alvi American International University-Bangladesh
  • Kazi Tanvir Department of Mathematics, School of Advanced Sciences, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India
  • Mohamed Kaisarul Haq Shannon School of Business, Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Farzana Nazera Post-Doctoral Fellow, Jesselton University College.
  • Valliappan Raju Director of Research, Perdana University, Malaysia


E-ticket, Public Transportation, Digital Fare Payments, Transportation Efficiency, Transportation Technology


The report's main objective was to offer a technology solution to the serious problems that Dhaka city's commuters confront when utilizing public transportation, a problem that is urgent for the city's citizens. The implementation of an electronic ticketing system was proposed as a solution to this. For commuters, this system offers financial and time savings. Data was gathered through a survey that explored various facets of public bus transportation in Dhaka. The findings from the survey indicate that the proposed E-Ticketing solution could substantially reduce the difficulties experienced by the public and has been met with widespread approval. Furthermore, feedback from survey participants provided valuable insights for further development of the system.  Looking ahead, coordinated measures to increase public awareness will be necessary for the successful adoption of this E-Ticketing system.  If the system is correctly understood and put into place, it has the potential to totally change Dhaka's public bus transit and give its residents a more practical and efficient means to commute.



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Kabir, M. S., Saif Mostasir Rohan, MD.Mahadi Hasan Nayeem, Mahmud Al Alvi, Kazi Tanvir, Mohamed Kaisarul Haq, Farzana Nazera, & Valliappan Raju. (2024). Streamlining Dhaka’s Daily Journey: The E-Ticketing Revolution . Journal of Reproducible Research, 2(2). Retrieved from





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